A Cupcake Celebration With Kylie Jenner

Posted on August 22, 2015 by in Info, News, Sweets
Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party in Montreal was quite a luxurious affair. Including a helicopter, speedboat, huge three-tiered cake and cupcakes, her birthday was nothing short of fabulous.
The big celebration also included 3,000 cupcakes from Pâtisserie Petit Lapin. This whole process was quite an experience for us… It is not every day that we get to bake for such a high-profile celebrity!
We are the luckiest people, because we got the opportunity to bake for Kylie, spend some time with her and snap a few pictures! Needless to say, she really enjoyed our cupcakes! We are so grateful that she did.
Not only was this day amazing, but the Petit Lapin team really pulled through this strenuous process and the end result was worth it. The blue cupcake tower we designed for Kylie was stunning!
In light of this opportunity, we documened the whole creation and baking process, as seen on our Instagram page (https://instagram.com/petitlapin_mtl) or with hashtag #Baking4Kylie. We also teamed up with 1890 Films to make a little teaser of the big day in order to share with you. They did a terrific job!
I would like to thank my team, as well as Team Productions, Beach Club, Station 16 for bringing an amazing project to life!
Thank you Marlon Kuhnreich Photography for the beautiful photos and 1890 Films for this special video.
It was a cupcake celebration that we won’t ever forget! A lifetime experience!
Thank you for your help, support and love.
Viviane xo