Spread the Love with Petit Lapin & Nuva

Posted on February 12, 2015 by in Info, News

Spread the Love With Petit Lapin & NÜVA Cupcakes? Spa? We’ve got Valentine’s Day covered. Come get pampered with us while satisfying that sweet tooth of yours at our custom Cupcake Bar. Introducing Petit Lapin Cupcake Bar at NÜVA Beauty & Spa Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are so thrilled to celebrate withContinue Reading »

Detox Water

Posted on February 11, 2015 by in Allergy Free Recipes

Fruit & Plant-Infused Detox Water You already drink water – why not spice things up? This recipe is easy to put together if you’re on the go, or just relaxing at home. Strawberries help fight carcinogens, while cinnamon improves circulation and regulates sugar cravings. Both lemon and mint stimulate digestion and prevent stomach cramps. The vitamin CContinue Reading »

10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant

Posted on February 5, 2015 by in Info

1. Bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea after glutenous meal 2. Feeling tired after eating gluten 3. Dermatitis herpetiformis (rash usually found on back of arms) 4. Diagnosis of any autoimmune disease 5. Diagnosis of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia 6. Feeling dizzy or faint 7. Migraine headaches 8. Unexplained weight loss 9. Inflammation andContinue Reading »