How to have a Cupcake Decorating Party

Posted on June 17, 2016 by in Sweets

Summer has arrived and with it a whole lot of parties! Whether a birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a weekend brunch, a cupcake decorating station is the perfect addition!

Here are the 4 things you’ll need to make your party a success!!

1. Cupcakes

We suggest sticking to classic flavours like vanilla or chocolate. If you go for something a bit more unique, chances are some people might not like it. Better safe than sorry 😉


2. Frosting

Same as the cupcakes, it’s best to stick to a couple colours max. We like having a basic color like vanilla, and then also a fun pastel color! Just leave them out in a piping bag and let everyone pipe their own!! Don’t have a piping bag? You can easily just leave the frosting in small bowls for people to use. Just make sure to have a spatula on hand.

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3. Fun napkins and plates

We love the Meri Meri line for fun and whimsical paper plates and napkins. Think bright colors and fun prints! Polka dots, pastels and stripes are all fun accents to an already colourful spread!


4. Toppings

Because that’s the whole point right? We like to have some healthier options like fruit and shredded coconut, but also some more fun kid friendly options like sprinkles and chocolate chips! There’s no real rule here!


Having an allergen free cupcake decorating party?

Make sure to read the labels on your food colouring (if using).  Also make sure to check the labels on your sprinkles. While certain colors may be allergen and nut free, some colours are not!


Can’t find any options that fit your sprinkle needs? Consider dehydrating shredded coconut and colouring it with allergen free food colourings!

Most importantly, have fun!

There are no real rules with cupcake decorating ! Nothing has to be perfect. The important thing is to have fun!

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