Naked Cakes

Posted on May 8, 2015 by in Info, Sweets

Who doesn’t like sweet? But when it’s too sweet then it can taste bad. Therefore, we’re asked to create a cake that needs less fondant and sugar for clients who don’t like too much sweet or diabetic clients. We ‘re then eager to try out the latest of cake trends: naked cakes.

A naked cake is a bare cake that shows the filling between tiers and leaves layers exposed for a fresh, natural and delicious look. It can be a vanilla, chocolate or red velvet naked cake adorned with fresh roses, berries or sugar flowers. The filling is an unctuous cream with different flavours such as lemon, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

If you are seeking something less traditional and planning a rustic or natural event then this is the perfect cake for you!

naked cake

Photo credit Ⓒ Monique Photo